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Born in Kolkata, India

I'm a traveler. Literally and metaphorically. That's what I love to think about myself. I travel not to reach anywhere, but to simply imbibe and soak up the joy of travelling. Bongs, as me and my counterparts from Bengal are often referred to, have traditionally been endowed with an aura of romanticism, an invincible urge to explore new ways and walks of life. Unwrap hitherto unexplored emotions, frailties and ecstasies of human lives, cultures and traditions. I wish I had all these qualities! I am an ardent Satyajit Ray & Rabindranath Tagore fan. A proud father.


This website

Is a humble way of showcasing my sensibilities and perspectives regarding the way I look at my world. My world is no different from anyone else's. Yet, when I look through my viewfinder, I love to visualize my world in a new light, each and every time. A plethora of familiar as well as obscure emotions of human existence, nature and her myriad ways of reinventing herself, GOD and his mastercraft of creation, mundane lives brightening up with a glimmer of sunshine.

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